Joni Oskari Enzio Juutilainen

Joni is a London based cinematographer who has worked his way up, within the camera department, since 2002. He has built on his education and astonishing experiences, working with and learning from top cinematographers in the business. Joni has experience in feature films, short films, music videos, documentaries, commercials, tv dramas, virals, online content and multimedia.

He has been working on various award-winning productions and his cinematography work has been screened on national Finish Tv and multiple different film festivals around the globe. He is also, one of the founders of the Finnish company, OTSO Film and works there as a freelance Cinematographer.

Although he takes on anything that interests him, his true passion is capturing fictional and real-life, naritive drama.
He is a passioned, visual storyteller who puts a lot of thought into each shot to succesfully capture the performance and empasize the mood, using the right camera angle, texture, colour, light and shadow.

Joni is based in London but travels to Finland and Holland on a regular basis. Please feel free to contact Joni, he is always up for new, exciting projects!

Download his Cinematography Curriculum Vitae.